All About the 5 New Visas Announced in Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 10 January 2024
All About the 5 New Visas Announced in Saudi Arabia

In a strategic move to attract investors and skilled individuals, Saudi Arabia has introduced five new visa categories under the "premium residency products" to position itself as a global hub for talent and investments.

The Premium Residency Centre, chaired by Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Alkassabi, announced the new visas:

1. Special Talent Visa: Targeting executives and professionals in healthcare, science, and research.
2. Gifted Visa: Aiming to integrate skilled professionals and talents into cultural and sports sectors.
3. Investors Visa: For investors seeking opportunities in Saudi's thriving business landscape.
4. Entrepreneur Visa: Intended for aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects.
5. Real Estate Owner Visa: Tailored for individuals owning real estate, offering a quality-of-life experience.

Alkassabi emphasized these products aim to accelerate Saudi Arabia's transition to a knowledge-based, diversified economy, attracting professionals and investments.

Open to those adding value to the national economy, the initiative, aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, offers benefits like business operations, real estate ownership, work permits, and more.

Developed with strategic partners, the initiative aims to enhance economic transformation, create job opportunities, and facilitate knowledge transfers, contributing to the country's development journey.