Pets Now Allowed on Public Transport in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Transport Authority Allows Pets on Board Public Transport with Guidelines; Emphasizes Accessibility for Disabled Passengers.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Pets Now Allowed on Public Transport in Saudi Arabia

The Transport General Authority in Saudi Arabia has recently announced a groundbreaking decision: passengers are now permitted to bring their pets on board buses, trains, metros, and even ships. However, there's a condition - furry companions must be securely placed within designated boxes during the journey.

Exceptions for Service Animals

In a move towards inclusivity, individuals with visual impairments are granted permission to bring their service animals without confining them to boxes. This exemption acknowledges the special role these animals play in supporting their owners.

Discounted Fares for Passengers with Disabilities

Alongside the pet-friendly policy, the authority emphasized its commitment to passengers with disabilities. These individuals are entitled to discounted fares, ensuring their ease of access and affordability while utilizing public transport services.

Enhancing Safety and Inclusivity

The introduction of these new regulations aims to create a safer and more comfortable public transport experience for all passengers. By accommodating pets and supporting individuals with disabilities, Saudi Arabia's public transport system strives to foster inclusivity and convenience.

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