Saudi Resident Arrested for Smuggling 114kg of Khat

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 16 May 2023
Saudi Resident Arrested for Smuggling 114kg of Khat
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A Saudi national was detained by police in Dhamad, Jazan province, for having 114 kg of khat hidden inside his vehicle. Immediately after being detained, the individual was turned over to the public prosecution for further legal action.

Saudi Resident Arrested for Smuggling 114kg of Khat

Khat is an evergreen flowering plant that is misused for its stimulant-like effects. Cathinone and cathine are the two main active components in khat.

The recent seizure of 114 kg of khat serves as an example of the security forces' continued efforts to fight drug-related crimes in the area. Such initiatives address the societal problems related to drug abuse while protecting public safety and security.

Law enforcement organizations stress the value of community involvement in preventing drug-related crimes. They encourage locals and people to immediately report any instances of drug smuggling or trade.

For Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province, the authorized emergency contact number is 911 and for the rest of the Kingdom, the number is 999. The General Directorate of Narcotics Control number is 995.