Your Guide to Hiring a Full-Time Maid

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 December 2022
Your Guide to Hiring a Full-Time Maid

We all like a clean and organized home; doing it on your own can get overwhelming, but not if you have help from housemaids, as they can help you with your daily household chores! If you’re looking to hire a full-time maid and don’t know where to start, Raha has trained and qualified workers that can help you at your home with your day-to-day life.

If you have a preference for the nationality of the maids, you can choose stay-in maids from different nationalities. Their contracts are renewable, which would work out great for you if you prefer a certain maid and would like to keep her rather than switching every time their contract ends. Providers like Raha offer various packages for hiring full-time maids, and again you can pick what suits you better, ranging from 3 months up to 2 years. Hiring for longer periods is very convenient as it is less of a hassle than hiring hourly maids, particularly if you would like maids for longer hours to suit your lifestyle.

Hiring A Full-Time Maid May Work Out Better For You

Once you’ve built trust and a relationship with your maid, it makes it so much easier to get maximum support from them, as you will be happy and so will they! Full-time house helps are reliable and trained to carry out household chores, and they're experienced with cleaning, which is a relief as your house will be in good hands! All you would have to do is provide accommodation for the maids, as they would be at your house full time. A maid's room and bathroom are sufficient, where they can live comfortably and help you at any point in the day provided it is within their working hour time frame. If you work full-time or have a busy schedule, you can rely on them to sort things out for you in your home. They will take care of your affairs while you're getting on with your day, which lifts one thing off your plate! Hiring a live-in maid works out better than hiring hourly maids as it would make financial sense and it is also super convenient to have someone around at any hour. Rest assured, you will get an integrated service from Raha with your resident cleaning lady.

 Are you Able to Sponsor A Maid?

Since full-time maids are popular amongst families, particularly those with children and extended families, the whole process of hiring a maid can be easy and efficient. The guidelines set out for sponsoring a maid are straightforward, and the provider would guide and assist you in the process. You have the option to transfer your sponsorship under them, which is great when it comes to renewing documents and paperwork.

Find the Right Package for You!

Housemaid providers offer monthly and annual packages for full-time maids from different nationalities. The packages start from 1 month to up to 24 months, which you can choose according to your and your family’s needs and convenience, as each household requires different services. Most services also offer you the chance to test the waters and assess the maids before you decide if they are the right fit for you as your full-time housekeeper. Depending on the provider, you can choose to pay in monthly installments, or you can pay in full if that is what you prefer.

Help in the house is what every one needs! Explore different packages online and start getting much-needed help in your home immediately with the best maids.

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