Entry of Trucks Banned on Riyadh's King Fahad Road

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 08 August 2023
Entry of Trucks Banned on Riyadh's King Fahad Road

In a recent announcement, the General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor), in the Riyadh region has declared a ban on trucks entering King Fahad Road.

The directive comes as part of efforts to streamline traffic management and enhance safety on this vital road. Muroor has underscored its commitment to maintaining strict vigilance over compliance with this new regulation. Surveillance of the ban's violators will be executed automatically, emphasizing the seriousness of enforcing this decision.

Truck drivers have been strongly urged to adhere to the stipulated guidelines and utilize designated alternative routes.

King Fahad Road stands as a significant component of Riyadh's transportation network. This major artery plays an instrumental role in connecting the northern and southern regions of the Saudi capital with its central area. Given its pivotal function, ensuring its smooth operation is paramount for the efficient functioning of the city's daily life.

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