Over 1.2 Million Amphetamine Pills Seized in Riyadh

  • Publish date: Sunday، 07 May 2023
Over 1.2 Million Amphetamine Pills Seized in Riyadh

More than 1.2 million amphetamine pills were seized at a rest house located in the Al-Muzahmiya governorate in Riyadh, preventing their distribution.

According to the Public Security spokesperson, a raid was conducted at the rest house in Al-Muzahmiya, Riyadh. As a result, seven individuals were apprehended, and they were found to be in possession of approximately 1,266,000 amphetamine tablets. These tablets were skillfully hidden inside glass panels.

The Public Security spokesperson stated that among the seven individuals arrested, there were expatriates hailing from Egypt, Syria, and Bangladesh, along with two Yemeni nationals and two Saudi citizens. The spokesperson verified that the defendants were arrested and initial legal actions were initiated against them. Subsequently, they were handed over to the Public Prosecution for further proceedings.

The security forces' actions were a result of their vigilant monitoring of drug smuggling and distribution networks that pose a threat to the security of Saudi Arabia and its younger population.

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