What Types of Expats Can Get Pensions in Saudi Arabia?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 July 2023
What Types of Expats Can Get Pensions in Saudi Arabia?

The social insurance regulations allow expats to benefit from pensions except for a few restrictions. These expatriates are divided into the following categories:

1. Saudi national's wife

If a Saudi national's wife, divorcee, or widow has Saudi children, she may continue to receive her husband's pension so long as she has a permanent address and a valid Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

2. Saudi women's children

  • Non-Saudi children are eligible to receive their mother's GOSI or PPA pension payments under Article 6 of the requirements for eligibility.
  • If the mother is divorced or widowed, she is qualified for the pension.
  • The Saudi mother will be required to show proof of her marriage to a non-Saudi national in order to be eligible for the pension. She must also be a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia and must not have left the country more than three times in a row or three times in a row in the year prior to the pension's start date.

3. Expats with Disabilities

Last but not least, expatriates with disabilities, orphans, or widows with orphans are eligible for a pension if they have the right mobility cards.

It has been made clear that residents who dwell outside the kingdom are not allowed to maintain their permanent residency status for longer than three months in a row or three months in a row throughout the year prior to the date of their pension payment.

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