All Airports in Saudi Arabia Will Now Have Tourism Prosecution Units

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 May 2023
All Airports in Saudi Arabia Will Now Have Tourism Prosecution Units
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Authorities in Saudi Arabia have established a new, professional tourism section at the Public Prosecution headquarters in order to swiftly finish the procedures for tourists' and visitors' cases.

Sheikh Saud Al-Mujab, the Kingdom's attorney general and chairman of the public prosecution council, made a decision to set up dedicated Tourism Prosecution Units at International and Regional Airports.

In accordance with the system, the principles of successful justice, and the goals of tourism, the new prosecution seeks to rapidly complete the processes of tourists' and visitors' cases.

Additionally, it has been declared that the units would operate to make sure that visitors take advantage of the rights and assurances that have been given to them.

The new units will be staffed by a cadre of professional members of the Public Prosecution and their assistants who have received the appropriate training and resources.

The government not only promotes tourism, but it also helps pilgrims who arrive in the country to perform Hajj and Umrah. The government is digitizing the visa application procedure to make it easier for pilgrims to obtain permits with only a few swipes.