Russia Begins to Issue E-visas for Saudi Nationals

  • Publish date: Thursday، 03 August 2023
Russia Begins to Issue E-visas for Saudi Nationals

Saudi nationals who are planning to visit Russia are no longer required to approach the country's embassy to obtain entry visas as Moscow started applying online visa regime for Saudis.

Saudis who want to visit Russia can now get an e-visa using the unified electronic platform for issuing Russian visas, according to the new regime.

Those applying for an e-visa must provide their personal information and submit a personal photo as well as a scanned copy of their passport's main page. No further documents are necessary.

The unified electronic visa for Russia allows its bearer to visit the nation for tourism, business, private visits, or to participate in scientific, cultural, social, economic, or athletic events.

As it was preparing intergovernmental travel agreements for visa exemption with 11 nations, including four Gulf countries — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia — in addition to Saudi Arabia, Russia stated in December 2022 that it will free Saudis from the current visa regime.

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