Saudi Arabia: 10,606 illegals Were Arrested in a Week

  • Publish date: Sunday، 30 April 2023
Saudi Arabia: 10,606 illegals Were Arrested in a Week

Within a week, authorities in different parts of the Kingdom arrested around 10,606 individuals who violated residency, labor laws, and border security regulations.

The Ministry of Interior has stated that the joint field campaigns conducted by several units of the security forces across the Kingdom between April 21 and 28 resulted in the arrests of the During the joint field campaigns carried out by various units of the security forces across the Kingdom from April 21 to 28, a total of 10,606 individuals were arrested for violating residency, labor, and border security laws. Specifically, 5,620 violators were found to have violated the residency system, 3,825 violated border security rules, and 1,161 violated labor laws.

Additionally, 1,087 individuals attempting to cross into the Kingdom illegally were arrested, with the majority being Ethiopians (74%) and Yemenis (25%), while 1% were of other nationalities. 29 violators were apprehended while attempting to exit Saudi Arabia.

Lastly, authorities also arrested ten individuals involved in transporting and harboring violators of residency and work regulations and engaging in cover-up activities.

The Ministry of Interior made it clear that helping or facilitating the entry of an infiltrator into the Kingdom, including providing transportation or shelter, would result in severe penalties. These penalties include imprisonment for up to 15 years, a fine of up to SR1 million, and the confiscation of any means of transportation or accommodation used in the act.

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