Saudi Man Arrested for Harbouring Endangered Species

  • Publish date: Friday، 12 May 2023
Saudi Man Arrested for Harbouring Endangered Species
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Authorities have arrested a man in Saudi Arabia for harbouring 30 endangered species and exhibiting them without a licence. 

The Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES) of the Kingdom found 10 lions, 4 lionesses, 4 cubs, 5 tigers, 2 bears, 2 crocodiles, an ibex, and an Arabian Oryx after the man's arrest. 

The man has been referred to the Public Prosecution, while the animals have been transferred to the competent authorities. 

The man has been charged with violation of environmental law and violation of executive regulations for trading in wild animals, their products, and their derivatives. 

According to SFES, the sanctions for trading endangered species are either a fine of SR 30 million or ten-year imprisonment.