Saudi Arabia is Issuing Three-Month Work Visas

  • Publish date: Friday، 14 April 2023
Saudi Arabia is Issuing Three-Month Work Visas

A new temporary work visa that permits businesses to issue temporary work visas for three months has been announced by Saudi Arabia.

This visa can be renewed for a similar period of time and allows the holder to work for a particular set period of time without acquiring a work permit or residency. Either the owner of the company or a commissioner on Qiwa business must submit the visa application request.

Qiwa is an online resource that provides access to the many labor-related services offered by the Ministry of Human Resources. The temporary work visa may be obtained instantly through Qiwa without the need for any supporting documentation.

Except for activities that require commercial registration, regulations for the temporary work visa service require that the firm has to be active with a valid commercial registration. In addition, businesses with the same unified number shouldn't have any expired work permits and must have enough credit in their national unified number on their Absher account.

Here's how to submit an online application for a temporary work visa:

  • Access the company's account by logging in.
  • Select an e-service for a temporary work visa.
  • Complete all required fields.
  • Submit your application for a temporary work visa.

Insufficient funds in the unified number of the business on Absher and rejection from the Ministry of the Interior are cited as reasons for the rejection of a request for a temporary visa.

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